Super Jigsaw Puppies

Super Jigsaw Puppies

Super Jigsaw Puppies is a collection of puzzles with 50 images of puppies

Super Jigsaw Puppies is a collection of puzzles with 50 beautiful images of puppies. For every puzzle, you can select the piece shape, difficulty level determined by the number of pieces (all puzzles offer different number of pieces), skew level (none, medium, high), and whether or not you wish to allow for piece rotation to add even more difficulty. What is more, you will also be able to select the sound FX volume, background color, and pattern. If you need help to solve the puzzle you can show the edges only or show the entire picture for guidance. All the puzzles can be saved at any stage to continue them whenever you want and they are timed, so the faster you complete them, the more score you'll get.
In addition to this, the application features wonderful graphics and great sound effects, but no music.
In short, Super Jigsaw Puppies offers an extensive collection of puzzles with lovely images of puppies to enjoy that will surely attract many puzzle lovers and keep them entertained for a while.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely images
  • 50 puzzles
  • Customizable
  • Lots of difficulty levels to choose from


  • No music
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